Third episode: Short-interviews of our team

Today: Atalay Sahinbas

When did you start here? "February 2019"

Your Task? "Marketing management and public relations"

Your daily motivation? "I want to share new ways of solutions to people with problems"

Your best moment here? "Once an old patient came in (back then he was a little child) and was happy and thankful with a bunch of flowers in his hands. He was a young adult now"

Your philosophy? "Just do, what makes you happy!"

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Series: Our Team

Second episode: Short-interviews of our team
Today: Diana Sahinbas

Your Task?
"I do the business management and the patient care"

When did you started here?

What`s your daily motivation?
"It`s just the job itself- I love it!"

What was your favorite moment in the clinic?
"Basically those, when I hear that the well being of a patient is safe for a while"

Your philosophy?
"Allways think positive and live in the now"

New article about: Hyperthermia based on sensitivity assays?

Series: Our Team

Today we are going to start our new series about our Team.
In short interviews they answer questions about their daily life in the clinic.

Today we are starting with Çansu Geniş:
Your task here: ,,patient care as medical assistant"
In our team since: ,,roundabout 2012"
Your daily motivation? 
,,It is especially the famillary habit in here and the direct contact with the patients"
Your most beautiful moment here?
,,Every moment we can celebrate with the patients together here is a beautiful and special one, beside learning everyday something new."
Your philosophy?

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