Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas in turkish television

Our Dr. Sahinbas took place in the turkish TV-Show Saglik Saati on the 07.02.2024.

He answered questions and refered about Microtherapie beside his Showhost Dr.Hüseyin Şenyurt who is also a reowned Dr. at clinics Bel Etage ortohpaedists.

You can rewatch the whole Show in turkish language at: 

SAĞLIK SAATİ - 07.02.2024 | Kanal Avrupa



Our devices: Iratherm 1000

In our new series Our devices we want to introduce our Hyperthermia devices to you, which we use on daily base. We want to explain the differences between the devices, their functions and benefits for the patient.

We will start with the Iratherm 100 by Von Ardenne

This Whole-body-hyperthermia device distinguishs by an open design. The patient lies on a comfy point-elastic special net above the device itself. The moderate heat comes even from below through water filtered infrared-A heat radiation.

The patient can be heat-isolated covered during the treatment.

The device is especially good for patients who prefer an open access to the room and their company.  


More options and reimbursement for natural therapies

The initiative Integrative Krebsmedizin [ Integrative oncology ] works for the improvement of complementary therapies, in keeping with the motto "Lichtblicke für Krebspatienten" [ Hope for cancer patients ].

Denise Rudolph (Nurse) and her team campaign for the public perception of complementary therapies  and the reimbursement through health insurances.  

Their new documentary Hyperthermie - die vierte Säule in der Onkologie [ Hyperthermia - the 4th part in oncology ] they deal with their goal to put complementary therapies and hyperthermia into the health insurance system. Medics, experts and even a lawyer were interviewed. 

Trailer to the movie:

Integrative Krebsmedizin is crowd funded and is thankful for any donations. Go-Fund-me, more information about the project and the people at:

A new face!

It is a pleasure for us to welcome a new part of our clinic!

Bengisu Güvercinci enriches our team in the daily work.
The young doctor already worked at reputabled clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. She expands our team with a lot of empathy, experience and a young, dynamic charm.
Welcome, Ms. Güvercinci!


We are very proud and happy to receive the titles "Recommended doctors in the region" by the Focus magazine, twice again.
It is the third time in row after 2019 and 2020 to get the certificates for Radiology and Radiotherapy for
Hüseyin Sahinbas, MD.
Thank you very much!


Hüseyin Sahinbas MD and our manager Diana Sahinbas took the chance to take their vaccination against Covid-19 today.
For us. For you. For all of us.

Partnership with Dr. Dilek Gürsoy

It is a huge pleasure to welcome Dilek Gürsoy, MD in our neighborhood in the Pradus Medical Center.
Gürsoy is a specialist in heart surgery and implanted 2012 as first women in europe an artificial heart.
Beside her medical achievements she is a successfully author, mentor for the initiative #womenintoleadership and ambassador for the german foundation of integration.
We are very looking forward to our partnership with the doctor of the year 2019!

Fourth episode: Short-interviews of our team

Today: Martin Rösch
When did you start here: "Like more then 10 years, but with a relation even before the clinic was founded"
Your task here: "Psycho-oncologist and mental coaching"
Your daily motivation: "With all senses and both hands living the life"
Your best moment here: "One out of many: A little 11-year old girl from Russia with a brain tumor. She only spoke russian, but the only word I knew was "Nastrovje". I passed her the crayons and paper. Despite the language barrier , we communicated excellent with finger pointing, gestures and glances. Her painting was outstanding and in a complete and irritating contradiction to her physical health. It was full of braveness, confidence and faith.
She started drawing new pictures everytime we met again. After about 6 month and Radiology, Hyperthermia and supportive Treatments, we got the MRT-Staging:
The cancer was gone! What a big joyful news!"
Your philosophy: "Changes every 3 minutes, but the latest is: Enjoy even the smallest good things in life, like a tasty breakfast in the morning!"

New clinic , awarded again

Since the 4.3. we may be happy about our new home in Düsseldorf!

Barely arrived, we have been awarded again by the german Focus-Magazine, like in 2019.We got those prices in the categories`Radiology´ and `Radiotherapy´.

 This is a great start for the team and for sure for Hüseyin Sahinbas MD. So our enthusiasm as big as possible for our new mission in the capital of North Rhine Westphalia!

We are moving!

The clinic for Hyperthermia - Dr. Hüseyin Sahinbas chances its location from Bochum to the capitol of North Rhine-Westphalia: Düsseldorf.

"We are looking forward to this important and big step! We are open for the new opportunities and tasks which we are happy to solve with our 11 year long experience!" - Hüseyin Sahinbas MD.

The current location in Bochum is closing from 21st of february until the 4th of march 2020. We are happy to welcome you then at the `Pradus Medical Center´ ( again!

Third episode: Short-interviews of our team

Today: Atalay Sahinbas

When did you start here? "February 2019"

Your Task? "Marketing management and public relations"

Your daily motivation? "I want to share new ways of solutions to people with problems"

Your best moment here? "Once an old patient came in (back then he was a little child) and was happy and thankful with a bunch of flowers in his hands. He was a young adult now"

Your philosophy? "Just do, what makes you happy!"

Studies, publications and media on one site!

Take a look at our new blog. You can download the newest publications and watch videos. Everything roundabout Clinic for hyperthermia and Hüseyin Sahinbas MD!


Watch at:

Series: Our Team

Second episode: Short-interviews of our team
Today: Diana Sahinbas

Your Task?
"I do the business management and the patient care"

When did you started here?

What`s your daily motivation?
"It`s just the job itself- I love it!"

What was your favorite moment in the clinic?
"Basically those, when I hear that the well being of a patient is safe for a while"

Your philosophy?
"Allways think positive and live in the now"

New article about: Hyperthermia based on sensitivity assays?

Series: Our Team

Today we are going to start our new series about our Team.
In short interviews they answer questions about their daily life in the clinic.

Today we are starting with Çansu Geniş:
Your task here: ,,patient care as medical assistant"
In our team since: ,,roundabout 2012"
Your daily motivation? 
,,It is especially the famillary habit in here and the direct contact with the patients"
Your most beautiful moment here?
,,Every moment we can celebrate with the patients together here is a beautiful and special one, beside learning everyday something new."
Your philosophy?

New medical practice website online

Our new website is now live. That means a lot to us. In addition to important information about our services, innovations and therapeutic alternatives, we want to give you an insight in our day-to-day work, which above all focuses on our patients. To assist with discovery, healing and helping requires teamwork. In conjunction with you, our expertise and our competence network, we will find a way. together. Because life always happens. In the now.

Your medical practice team Dr. Sahinbas